Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hang out with Happy Trailrunners. Or not.

Throughout our lives we have many roads to choose from. We take these roads alone or join in a circle of people we find interesting or exciting. Once in that circle of people the decision must be made whether to stay or jump off and join another.
The people we associate ourselves with makes us who we are and who we want to be.
I have taken some roads I shouldn't have and stayed because, for the moment, it felt good.
On others I hung on because I knew it would lead to something good.
I have enjoyed many roads in my 53 years of life. In retrospect, there are some I shouldn't have been on, and stayed too long, and others I missed. But I am here and am comfortable where I am. Sure, there have been rocky roads, and points where I've had to crawl out from under rocks, but at this point in my life looking back at what could have been is a waste of time. 
I look back at sad times in my life, but the best are those that make me smile.
On today's run with my good friend Lalo, I couldn't help but think how lucky I am. He is young and doesn't mind hanging out with me running on the trails. He pushes me to the limit and brings out the best in me. 
He makes me feel young. He makes me find strength I didn't know I had. Trail runners are good that way.
Trail runners run hard when they want to but can make it a leisurely stroll when they need to. Many times we reflect and share thoughts. Many times on hard runs too!
I've made great friends running trails. 
Whether it's running trails, Bicycling, enjoying cooking, walking with friends, playing games, find a circle of people who make you happy. Life is better that way.


Lalo said...

"doesn't mind hanging out" ? That's ridiculous! I enjoy and look forward to our runs Hermano! They are always a highlight of my week! Keep up the hard work and let's celebrate in Boston! ;-)

Jeff Farrell said...

here, here.....I'm doing 19 Bull Creek Saturday morning miles with a guy 20yrs my junior.....I've already told him I expect him to be mentoring someone 20yrs from now!!!