Monday, April 27, 2009

It's True! It's True!

The Government Canyon Mountain Lion story is back! I ran into an old friend at this years Fiesta Flambeau Parade run. This is a great run before Saturday nights parade in downtown San Antonio bringing and end to Fiesta week. It is a short 2.8 mile run, but along downtown streets filled with over 300,000 screaming people. What a thrill. At the post run party Bridget was telling me about her broken hand, She fell while on a night run at Government Canyon a week ago. What made it more interesting was the fact that she was told by the park rangers that there had been two reports of a mountain lion in the park. Mountain lions stalk their prey at night! Mountain Lions are not common in this area, or so we thought.
I had heard many stories about a mountain Lion in the park, but second hand stories and no definite sightings so I just took it in stride.It was possible though.
The next morning I met John and Tom for a 20 mile training run at G.C. As I relayed Bridget's story to John he said, "Oh yeah, it was Arnie who saw the Mountain Lion." Arnie? Now I know it's true. I know Arnie, and if Arnie saw it then it's there!
WOW! a mountain Lion where we run almost every weekend. How cool is that?
We've seen wild pigs, Coyote tracks, and other wildlife but never any deer. Makes sense. They either stay away in fear of the Mountain Lion or are soon eaten.
Oh well, we will continue to run at G.C. Knowing there is a mountain Lion lurking sure is exciting. We're too big for him, aren't we? I hope it doesn't get too hungry.

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