Monday, January 16, 2012

Spring Chicken

I've never run faster than the times I ran away from my big brother for doing something I shouldn't have been doing. My brother watched over me and kept me honest. I remember one time running from him out of the back door onto and down the alley behind our home. I was about 10 years old at the time. The alley was a gravel road, and I was barefoot. I didn't feel a thing because all I could think of was if my brother caught me, more than my feet would be hurting!
I don't remember where I was going with this story because I started it three days ago (saved it as a draft), and at the time had to drop it for.....I don't remember. It sounds good though. Maybe it will come to me. This brings me to today's story.
I read an article recently which mentioned that runners go through stages in their running careers. The author thinks them to be Body, heart, will, mind, and soul. It got me to thinking about the stages of my running years and where I am now. Sometimes I feel old. Like when I forget where I'm going with a story! I've been thinking I may need to slow down.
In an e-mail between a few friends I mentioned that I may be entering another stage in my running because I am no longer a spring chicken. To which My friend Liza responds with her witty comebacks, and this link from sweat science.
Amazing how our bodies loose very little muscle mass if we continue to challenge them. And how quickly we lose it if we don't!
Then as I am watching the national news there's a story on this guy!
I guess I'll rethink the whole running stages thing and reconsider where I'm at. I guess we should always think like Spring Chickens! And keep working those muscles. We can and should stay in the "will" stage. The "Mind" and "Soul" can still be found here.
Still don't remember where I was going with that first story. Mind? Gotta work on that muscle too!


Lalo said...

You are only as old as you feel and not what the number says. Keep in running and feeling young and you will never get old. Take care of your body, run with heart and will, use your experienced mind to be smart when you run and finally put your soul into it and enjoy every moment. Run on and never slow down!

Jeff Farrell said...

I saw the same link.....joining my young wife in a bootcamp next week!!!

Tony Maldonado said...

Thanks Lalo! I can always count on my running pals to steer me right.
Good news Jeff! Stick with it!