Friday, January 27, 2012

At The start of yesterday's run my legs were sore from the weeks squat and lunge workouts. I felt as though I was running in water. Forcefully lifting my legs to push them forward and move my body up the trail. My sore legs were loosened up by running up the Hillview trail to and up Yucca, and loop back down Hillview at Eisenhower park. Running The trails made my legs and body feel better. A good run can make sore legs feel better.
My spirits were low as I ran this first loop. A friend who was to meet me at the early start called to say he was running late. "are you OK?" he asked. As if he sensed what was inside me. Something not quite right.
Others arrived at the appointed time. Jovial banter ruled.
Run up Hillview again. Exchanging stories. Cresting the hill, two of us continued as the others paused to go another way.
Conversation with John as we continued loosened up my spirits. He didn't know it, but Laughs and understanding made me feel better.
Just as a run on sore legs will make them feel better,
A run with a friend you can be loose with will make your soul feel better.

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