Monday, February 8, 2010

Running into a friend

It was a beautiful Sunny day Saturday Feb 06. A welcomed change from all the rainy cloudy days we've been having. I decided to sleep in a little and had a late start (7:30AM) on my morning run. I headed out the door into a chilly breeze.
Running a mile on the road to the trail head of Leon Creek I was wearing my iPOD and enjoying the cool (38degrees) breezy morning. Staying on the paved path because I didn't feel like getting muddy, I was enjoying my music and the serenity of running alone. The usually dry creek was running rapidly. Passing walkers, leisurely bikers, and some runners and exchanging "good morning" was feeling good. The pond at the turn around (6miles) was over flowing and teaming with ducks floating on the water having a great time.
As I turned to head back I removed my top layer and felt a buzz on my Phone. It was Brian who was crewing for Liza at the Rocky Raccoon 100 miler. Liza was through the first loop (20mile) and in the lead! As I responded with an "Awesome", I looked up to see John Palmer. "Good to see ya John." Although I was enjoying the solo run, Running into John was great. I turned my iPOD off and enjoyed the conversation and catching up on things. At times there was silence, but just running with a friend is a conversation in itself. We hit the trails at the Birds of Prey Preserve before we headed back. The pace was a little faster than I had been running, but that is good for both of us.
At OP Schnabel park we parted ways, We each headed home. It's so convenient to live so close to the trails.
As for Liza, she won! Her second 100 mile victory in 3 months! Awesome! Can't wait to hear the stories from Her, Her crew, and pacers at our Thursday evening group run.

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gsluffey said...

Nice blog, Tony. I ran with your group in Leon Creek once. I've since moved West. How 'bout that Liza!