Friday, January 7, 2011

Tomorrow's race

I can’t remember when I’ve felt as anxious about a race as I do about the Bandera 100K this Saturday. I’m ready to go. I hope I feel the same way Saturday morning. The weather forecast for Saturday has been changing all week, but now that we’re close, it seems rain will fall. Some reports say that it will not be an all day event or too heavy a rain event. That’s good news.
My brother was planning to help crew for me, but now he can’t make it! Oh well, I appreciated his willingness to come. And I am blessed with a great group of friends who will be out there. As well as John, who’ll pace me the last 20 miles. I’ve finally decided on my fueling strategy. At Last year’s Bandera 100K, I DNFed. I had no concrete plan, a big mistake. I can’t take things for granted anymore. When I mention to folks my upcoming race they say things like, “oh that should be easy for you” This is not the case. I explain to them that all races represent a challenge and must be taken seriously and respected.
I’m a middle to back of the packer for sure, but I still must do all I can to perform well and FINISH feeling well. All the while enjoying myself and when done, looking forward to the next trail race.
So, Although I continue to experiment, tomorrow I am going with what worked for me at the Cactus Rose 100 miler. GENR8-VITARGO carbohydrate mix, nuts, and Chicken salad sandwiches. Let’s hope it works again.

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