Thursday, March 3, 2011

Great friends

You know you have a very great group of friends when they can laugh freely at your expense, and in your presence.
Today after our weekly run at Ike, We were ribbing each other about witnessing our falls on the trail. I recalled the time I was approaching an aid station when the volunteers yelled "yea, here comes a runner", I smiled broadly and !PLOP! I went down. Now how embarrassing is that? The folks were great and ran to my aid, but how many were laughing inside? And how many re-told and still tell that story? Oh well the gang today laughed and I was reminded about the time we were on a group run and as I'm bringing up the rear, I yelled out !UGH! As my friends turn around, they see me with my legs straight up in the air like a dead cockroach.
I do tend to stay down awhile to regroup and assess my condition. Not popping right back up as I did in my younger days.
I also mentioned the time I went down hard and bruised my ribs. Luckily I was with our good friend Liza who comforted me in my pain with a hug.
Great friends indeed.
We had a new friend today too! Vidal joined us and fit right in. He talks almost as much as Chris! But that's a good thing!

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