Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sporotrichosis or Arachnid

"Oh, that doesn't look good"
Those words prompted me to pay a little more attention to the blistery patch that had appeared just above my left wrist. What I thought may have just been an irritation from wearing my watch (which needs cleaning), turned into a rash that grew larger and a brighter red. Initially I ignored the half dollar sized rash and thought it would go away. After a couple of days I tried treating it with Tea Tree oil. Then after the comment above from a co-worker I tried neosporen. Nada. Then it was an olive oil and garlic paste I put together. My close friends will understand that one. Olive oil alone followed, and that helped a little but the reddish rash was still there but had formed a scab. It never really itched all that much. After over a week I finally saw a Dermatologist. She seemed puzzled and asked if I have any rose bushes at home. I told her I do and I tend to about 5 rose bushes at home. It's not a passion but I do enjoy my rose bushes. She mentioned Sporotrichosis, an infection of the skin caused by a fungus on rose bushes. But she also thought I may have been bit by an insect or a spider. I mentioned I run in the woods and that I also have problems with eczema flaring up on different parts of my body. She asked if I frequently and easily experience rashes. I told her I do.
All my life I have had very sensitive skin. Horsing around and rough housing with friends as a child produced welts on my body. For as long as I can remember I have had rashes and bumps flare up at the slightest brush up against plants, grass, trees and even if I bump up against something. I'm a trail runner that's environmentally Challenged!
The doctor decided to take a biopsy from my arm to be sure what treatment to follow. She feared this may travel up my arm! She had to stitch up the area where she took a chunk out of my arm. It now matches the scar on my left leg from a biopsy another doctor took two years ago because she thought it may have been a skin cancer.
Results in a week.

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