Sunday, May 22, 2011

Running buddies.

The humidity was not so bad this morning in San Antonio. Yesterday though you could reach out and touch it. I went out for two runs this weekend at OP Schnabel park with great company.
Saturday morning we had a new person join our group and we showed her around OP Schnabel park. We ran into an old running buddy, Paul Baltutis, who is training a group of runners for the San Antonio marathon. We chatted with him and his group. After the pleasant 8 mile tour of OP's flat trails I walked over to the soccer fields and met up with Liza's son and husband. I was a little late for Asa's game but enjoyed post game refreshments with them.
Today's run began in the dark. Again we met up with old running buddies, one who had not run at OP. This time one of the three pals we met ran with us. I took the group of 5 on a tour of OP's most technical trails. There are a few short steep climbs and some gnarly hairpin turns on a cliff side but it's not all that bad.
12 miles today in what seemed like a cool day compared to yesterday thick humidity.

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