Monday, September 5, 2011

Heat Relief

Saturday, I went out for a 4 miler running on stiff legs due to soreness from my return to the boot-camp at work. My legs trembled as a result of the squats and lunges of two days ago. I'd been away too long and paid for it.
Sunday , a long run run with friends on Leon Creek. A cool north breeze blew in! Not cold for sure but mid 70's felt divine. A great relief from the very hot summer temps. We've had too many 100+ degree days with no rain.
Still sore, I was trotting lightly trying to bounce quickly off the ground to alleviate pressure on my still very sore leg muscles. This made my back sore! 23 miles later I was spent with sore legs and a sore back. but it was s till cool!
Monday the still cool and soothing breeze continued. 4 miles running and 2 miles walking was a bit easier today.
The heat relief was captured well in a poem written by my good friend John Palmer today. Sent to me today in an e-mail, Here it is, used by permission.

I'm out for a hike today. I'm sitting alone on the side of a hill under the trees while the wind blows. The swaying branches are causing the dappled light to move in soothing patterns across the landscape. Their creaking is like a quiet song. Its early afternoon and surprisingly the breeze is still cool on my skin. I wonder if it will blow away the heat; at least for a few more days

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