Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Talking with my good friend Orlando today, we reflected on the ultra distances we run. Is it really necessary to run ultra distances to stay healthy? No, it is not.
Our running group consists of people who run 50 milers, 60K's, and 100 milers. Why do we run such long distances? Everyone has a different reasons. Escape from the ordinary, Pushing to find out how far we can go, The camaraderie? I think that's it! The camaraderie. Most trail runners want to complete their run, but also want to help fellow ultra runners get to the finish.
I can't say exactly why I decided to run a 100 miler. I got caught up in the excitement of it all. And to see if I could do it.
What inspired me throughout it? Mostly my Son and my Dad, Who had passed on.
I like to compare my 100 miler to a great movie. When I see a great movie, I am reluctant to see the sequel. I did not see the Star Wars sequels for years or the Planet of the Apes sequels (OK, I'm Old) I have not seen the Batman sequels.
My hundred miler was so good, I feel no need to try another. I had so much support. My brother Andy and my good friend Tom crewed for me, I had friends very eager to pace me, I could not have done it without my crew and pacers, Marrisa, Liza, Kelli, and Kelly. And of course Chris, who stuck with me in the late stages of the run. We came in together at the finish. I don't feel the need to try and improve on that.
I think I'll try a few more "short" Ultras, like 50K's, 50 milers, and maybe a 100K or two.
But we really don't need to run these long distances for good health. A walk in the woods three or four times a week, a run now and then, and a few good workouts thrown in once, twice, or three times a week will do it.
Oh, and eat well too!


Jeff Farrell said...

My feelings are that we are "testing" ourselves. After my 2009 RR 100 finish (and PR I might add) I thought I was done with 100's also but, I'm feeling the need to "take the test again" to see if I can pass. Planning on the "easy" 100 at RR again in 2012!!!

Running on Heavy said...

I have yet to take on ultrarunning but it is something that I would love to attempt. I need a mentor but people already think I'm crazy for considering it! Thanks for a wonderful post :-)

Take care,

Tony Maldonado said...

After I wrote that I thought about how many other times I've said "never again." Good luck at Rocky. I'll be there supporting a friend running his first hundred.
People think I'm crazy. When you get off the beaten path, many will always think you are.

Brian said...

I think you are "crazy" if you don't try things out of the ordinary. One person's crazy is another's normal.