Monday, October 24, 2011


Tapering really does a body good. During this period of tapering the body rebuilds itself. Muscles get stronger as they are allowed to rest and recover. This includes the heart too. I can feel it!
The last two weeks my mileage has decreased dramatically. Thursday of last week I went out for what I thought would be an easy 3 mile trail run at our groups usual weekly meeting place, Eisenhower Park. Don't know exactly how many miles I ran since the group was running hill repeats, thus throwing a wrench in my planned route. I haven't been using my Garmin lately. Instead I run a planned route or just go out for an hour or two not worrying about distance.
I felt I shouldn't be running hill repeats while I'm tapering, but the peer pressure got to me. I ran slower than my friends but completed 5 hill repeats and felt great.
Going in to the last of the Scallywompus Alamo Beer Challenge series(a 15K)this past weekend, I planned just to take it easy and complete the run with no plan to "race."
As I started people were passing me as I was running relaxed. But something happened at about mile 3. I picked up the pace and kept it up. At the turnaround of the out and back, I picked it up even more! It's only a 9.3 miler, but can I keep this pace up to the finish? I asked myself. I did and finished strong in 1:13:09, a 7:51 pace. That's fast for me.
My body gives me hints when I've trained too much. A little twinge in my left knee, very chapped lips, sore upper arms/shoulders. These symptoms have been with me the last two weeks. BUT IT'S SO HARD TO TAPER! I WANT TO RUN MORE!
But I tell myself, "listen to your body." And think, "Tapering does a body good"
Cactus Rose 50 miler this weekend!
Still can not decide what I'll fuel with. I'm thinking, Avocados, olives, coconut milk /water, sweet potatoes, Gels, nuts, and ........who knows.

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