Saturday, December 3, 2011

Bothering the wildlife.

It's kind of freaky when you're running in the rain, through mud and puddles in the dark on tight single track, among low hanging branches, and all of a sudden you hear large wings flapping right next to your ear! Heard it twice this morning. The birds must have been Owls or Hawks. I couldn't help but think they must have been upset that we flushed them out of their roosts. I imagined they had found shelter in a comfortable place on a branch, tucked their head in under their feathers, only to have John and I come by and spook them. Just as we did to the deer who raised their heads as we came by on their bedding sight. They looked at us with an expression like "are you serious?"
John and I ran early this morning in Leon Creek. It seemed cool with the light rain/drizzle falling but once on the trail it felt humid very quickly.
I'll let the birds and deer sleep in tomorrow. I'll wait to run after daybreak.

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