Thursday, December 29, 2011

I love mornings

At today's group run I was being teased about sending e-mails at 4 AM. I mentioned how someone once responded to an e-mail of mine at 4 AM, "what are you doing up this Late?"
Heck! I just woke up!
I've always been a morning person. I could never stay up late. I remember as a child how I would go to bed looking forward to waking up before the sun came up. Later as an adult I would think about how good the coffee will be as I sit and watch the day break.
I don't know what caused this, my loving of the morning.
Was it the fact that when I was in elementary school my brother would wake me up before he headed out to high school and cook breakfast for me? My brother would cook his favorite breakfast of scrambled eggs, cheese, and onions. Or as he would say, Onions! with scrambled eggs and cheese. Or did I go to bed early because my Parents demanded it? A local TV station would start their evening newscast with, "It's 10 O'clock, do you know where your children are?" My parents demanded I be home and in bed by 10 O'clock for as long as I lived in their home. Sure, I sneaked out a time or two. Or three, Or four. But when I did sneak out I'd hear my Mom's voice in the back of my head calling my name.
Where I grew up we had alleys behind our homes. As pre-teens, my friends and I would set up camp in the most wooded alley behind one of our homes late on a Friday evening. We'd plan to meet early the next morning to pretend we had camped all night. we would arrive just at daybreak, start a small camp fire, and cook breakfast. As we grew older, the early morning meetings would take us on a run to Woodlawn lake where we would see the sun come up as the ducks were stirring, the fish were jumping, and the sailboats were being launched.
Oh! It's late! I've got to go to bed. The sun will be up soon. Good night.
I Love mornings.

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