Tuesday, January 3, 2012


My good friend the good Doctor was in! I paid him a visit. After relaying my symptoms to him we went on to discussing some good stuff! Training runs, tamales, and the upcoming Bandera race.
Sinus congestion, sore throat, and headache had a solid grip on me. usually I am not affected by the mountain cedar pollen that gets so many people sick in January and February here in south Texas. Not even running the Bandera100k in early January where one can clearly see the pollen floating about in the headlamp beam at night. But the good Doc assured me I'd feel better soon with his "full court press" to battle my illness. It was a good visit and I felt confident I'll feel better soon.
I picked up my scripts at the grocery store pharmacy. After also getting a few things for dinner I noticed an old friend enjoying a pastry in the deli area. I walked over and started talking to him before he saw me. Gary stood up and extended his right hand to shake and his left arm to hug. I've not seen him for over 5 years and we picked up right where we left off. In our conversation I told Gary how I often tell the story of when he was with me while I was going through a very difficult time. And the best part, he didn't feel the need to make me explain the pain. Or he didn't pretend to have the answers. There were long quiet moments and all the while I felt comfort. I believe we should let people know how we feel about them before it's too late (Gary has cheated death a few times). And it's ok to tell them again when you revisit the memory. I said I sometimes think it's mushy, not manly. Gary said something to effect that, "It's more manly to act in what may be perceived as an unmanly way if the act is sincere and strengthens a human bond." He said it better. And We're getting together again soon!
Joe is another friend who was in town last week. I met Joe last year when he visited his sister, who's a friend. Again, "it was deja vu all over again." Joe really enjoyed his visit with the Rockhopper group to run the Bandera trails again. And again he ranted and raved about the great folks in our group. Heck, how much better does it get when one of the guys who's not running surprises us with breakfast tacos. Troy came through! Today I learned Joe's wife is teasing him about having a boyfriend because he continues to talk about having a great time running with me and the group. Joe did mention how as a runner, just about everywhere you go you can find someone or some group interested in showing you their local running venues. And you can make new friends!
Treasure you relationships, Not your possessions.------Anthony J. De Angelo

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