Friday, March 30, 2012

I am not a Doctor. And I can't play one!

Well, Pertaining to my lip issue, the dermatologist asked if I chewed gum, no. Do I use mouthwash, no. Do I use breath mints, no. Do I lick my lips, no.
That last one she wasn’t buying. I don’t remember the exact diagnosis, but she said my problem is I lick my lips. I didn’t want to believe that. I don’t lick my lips that much. Do I? I tried to explain to the Doctor but she was not interested. She explained how we lick our lips without realizing it. She prescribed a topical lotion for night time and suggested plain petroleum jelly during the day. Oh, and stop licking my lips. The Doctor had spoken.
On to the eczema on my lower legs. The Doctor said it’s a pretty common issue. Mine is not bad and using cream to moisturize was suggested. Not lotion or oil. Cream. She sent me off with a prescription for a cortisone cream for when things flares up.
As I drove away I was being conscious of not licking my lips. Wow. I did have the urge to lick them. Hmm.
But only about twice an hour or so. Wow. That’s about 32 times a day, or more, if I’m awake 16 hours a day. Eating lunch I realized I DO lick my lips. Even more when I’m eating! And with apple cider vinegar and blue cheese on my tongue, that’s not a good thing!
My good friend Doctor A also had asked if I lick my lips when I mentioned the issue to him. He asked me twice!
The good Doctor E who I saw yesterday had suggested I use Cer Ve CREAM on my legs when I brought up the issue of my eczema to her two years ago!
Well so much for self diagnosis (those who know me well will laugh).
In other news.....Tomorrow morning I am running a 5k at the VIA Roadeo. Our trainer at work was successful in putting this on at the yearly Bus and Van Operator driving competition. I hope the 5K is a success for the sake of our fellow employees.

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Lalo said...

Awesome job hermano! Getting faster with age! You are only as old as you feel.