Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Running with good friends

It always makes for a harder yet better run when running with a friend. Especially when running with a talented runner like my good friend Brian.
This afternoon we met at Eisenhower park. The temperature was hovering around 90 and comfortable, in the shade. The light breeze made things not so bad as we prepared to start but when we hit the trail we were out in the open and it was hot. We later commented on how training in these conditions help our conditioning and prepare us somewhat for running at altitude.
Running with someone makes you push just a little harder. And if you're not feeling it, they'll slow down for you too, Today I was feeling well and did not want to slow down my running partner. We ran all the way up all but the steepest hill. It felt good even though I was sucking wind after cresting each hill.
I also like running with close friends because they don't mind if I re-tell my stories. I'm notorious for telling the same story twice, three times, or more.
Running with friends that are stronger than you are helps you improve but sometimes I get a little concerned that I may not be up to par. I'm nervous now thinking about running my my good friend Lalo this Friday morning. He's a FAST ultra runner!  But he is my friend. He'll be nice to me. And he hasn't heard half my stories!

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Brian said...

Always a pleasure sharing the trails with 10K Tony. Thanks for taking it easy on me.