Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Slower than a turtle

I was saved from the Doctor's hill sprint workout today by a Doctor appointment! Wednesdays I've been meeting my good friend Dr. A for 10X10 second hill sprints sandwiched between a six mile run. I had to cancel my run with him and instead ran a slow recovery six miler in Leon creek after a 5 o'clock appointment. Thank god! After the 20 mile hill repeats with the group Monday morning followed by a 6 miler at Freidrich park my legs were still sore today and I don't think they would have been able to handle hill sprints. And I know Dr. A wouldn't have cut me any slack.
The temperature was 95 as I headed out the door at 6:30 PM but it did not feel terribly hot. A check of the weather stats later said the humidity was only 43 percent. That's pretty darn comfortable for these parts. Maybe that was the reason the big turtle was strolling along the trail and not hanging around the stagnant water under the Bandera rd. bridge in this dry creek bed. I stopped and fumbled with my phone going from listening to Pandora to trying to get the camera ready while the turtle turned and ran away. I tried to follow as it steadily moved and disappeared  into the brush. I was too slow!
I'm usually fast! At short distances. That's an inside joke about me with our Rockhopper running group earning me the nickname 10K Tony, given to me by the big guy Chris. But this time a Turtle beat me at a short distance!
My MO is running fairly fast and strong for six to ten miles them tailing off. I've been running well lately though, I think, as I prepare for my 50 miler at the end of June. I'm up to 37 miles so far this week and should put in over fifty before the week is over. That's about all my body can handle. Some run more, some feel they need more and can handle more. Not me. Much more than that and my body takes too long to recover.  What I need now as I look forward to tapering soon is to concentrate on running like that turtle today, Move, slow but steady.

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