Saturday, March 23, 2013

4 AM on a Saturday? Are you crazy?

Just a little.
Ever since I can remember, I have been up before dawn to start enjoying a day off. I guess it all started with my Dad. Dad would take our family on many trips to the Texas coast or a Hill country lake. Dad loved to fish. Waking early. we'd head out to the fishing pier. I have memories of walking down dimly lit wooden piers, the water glistening below and moving from the wake of fishing boats puttering off into the distance. I learned to enjoy the slow break of day. Light coming over the horizon as the sun rose over the hills or breaking through the water in the distance.
When we weren't on a trip with Dad and the family, my big brother would wake me early on the weekends and we'd go to the local lake and drop a line in the water. As a teenager my friends and I also would get going before dawn. Runs to the lake or the creek to explore and enjoy a sunrise followed by running around the high school campus and getting into the gym if it was open. Walking home when we tired and stopping at a convenience store to grab a snack on the way home. Back home before noon and we still had more than half the day available.
So yes, I'm getting up early on Saturday.
Heading out to run in the hills with friends this morning. It should be a clear day today. I can already imagine the sunrise coming over the hills in the distance as we pause atop Sky Island.
 Oh s&$t look at the time! I've got to go!

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