Sunday, April 14, 2013

Brotherly support

Do you ever hear a song and it instantly reminds you of someone? Or a period of your past? Maybe an experience?
Today I heard THE song that stirs up the most emotional feelings of all the songs I have known in my 54 years. Driving down the highway listening to the radio today I heard "Sweet city Woman." by The Stampeders. The lyrics are irrelevant but the emotion stirred by the musical sounds take me back to 1971 when my big brother Andy left town for the big University. The song played on the radio the first day I woke up without him being in the twin bed next to mine.
My big brother who I shared a room with. He showed me how to fish, shoot a rifle, and would kick my ars when I strayed. And I strayed! My big brother who would wake me up at 6 AM , shove me into the shower while he cooked a breakfast of sauteed onions,eggs and cheese for us before he headed off to, then I'd go back to bed before walking to Jr High School. My big brother who bought the latest and greatest soccer shoes for me when I showed promise as a soccer player. My big brother who bought a road bike for me when I was a teenager and would later give me a high end road bike to get me off my a$$ when I had fallen off the wagon.
My big brother who didn't hesitate when I asked him to help me run my one and only 100 mile trail run.
In two weeks Andy will be with me again at the The possum kingdom Ultra marathon. Andy immediately got excited when I mentioned the race to him and said I was interested. "I'll drive you there." he said.
Still my ever loving, supportive big brother. I love him.

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