Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Yesterday I joined some friends for hill repeats up Brian's hill. Brian's hill is named for one of our friends and is about a quarter mile of very steep and very rocky trail. 10 repeats were on tap for the day. I wasn't sure I'd survive. A day earlier I had run 14 miles with the gang at Government Canyon State Natural area. The pace was brisk and I ended that run with a sprint of the last three quarter mile.
After a three quarter mile run to the hill from the park where we parked our cars, I slowly ran up Brian's hill only to slow down to a power hike up the last few yards. The hiking was a bit longer on every repeat that followed.
I survived the 10 times up the hill and felt good about my accomplishment. I couldn't quit in the company of my friends! I was pleasantly surprised and pleased with my effort. The kettle bell and dumbell workouts I've incorporated in my training must be helping. We did get a ride back to our cars though. Elizabeth who was late and drove straight to the hill gave us a lift back.

There were four of my friends at the Boston Marathon yesterday. Thank God they are all OK. Three of them ran and were through the finish line and had left the finish area before the blast. And at least two of them will repeat the run next year. My good friend Lalo, who was at Boston supporting his wife Amanda and  who was a tremendous help in getting me to qualify for next year sent this text to me today, "Just made it home safe and sound. quite an experience. Good and bad. and in case you're having 2nd thoughts, we are going next year and that includes you! Some coward will not deny us!"
My response? " AGREED. I am there brother. Glad you are home safe."
Lalo and Amanda will repeat their trip to Boston. And I'll be there too.
Keep those that were hurt yesterday in Boston always in your prayers. May they heal as best as possible and may they find peace.

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