Saturday, April 20, 2013

Send a message today

Send a message today.
There are memories we have of being with friends and or family.
Memories that are replayed in our minds and make us smile.
Those are the ones we enjoy replaying.
Memories we should share with those that invoke them.
Let those people know your thoughts. Thoughts about them that make you smile.
Send a message to them today.
Years ago I realized that we must share these thoughts.
Thoughts that make us smile,
with those that made us smile.
Don't wait,
Send the message today.
 In this age of electronic communications it is so easy.
A call would be better,
and the lost art of a hand written note is touching and more personal.
Send a message today.
Recently I sent a message to a friend who invokes a wonderful memory.
We worked a running event together. she playfully mimicked my running motion in a very animated way.
we shared childlike laughter and danced to the music of our emotions.
I sent the message today.
Telling of my joy in reliving that moment.
The response was positive and joyful.
Ever so grateful.
My friend was uplifted and inspired,
As was I.
I am happy I sent the message.
don't wait, one day it may be too late,
Send a message today.

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