Thursday, May 23, 2013

The next Chapter

Finally I am feeling recovered from the 55K effort at the Possum kingdom 55K. It took some time. Age and the fact that I don't think I am built for, or am young enough to withstand too many long endurance runs must be the reason. I do enjoy them though. Running ultras. Exhausting my body, as strange as that may seem, feels good. Recently I said to our trainer at work, " I like to run until I reach a point of exhaustion, then try to push through to see how far I can go." He responded by saying, "That's how I feel when lifting weights."
But is that good for us? In the long run, is it beneficial for our health? It may produce a sensation of ecstasy in our minds, which makes us feel "high" A feeling of euphoria.
I have felt this and reveled in knowing I can endure. But now, at this point in my life, I need to be wise and down shift. I want to continue to enjoy running and being out running or hiking in nature for as long as possible, I've said it before, The body can endure only so much pounding. I want to walk upright as an elderly person. Heck, I want to live to be an elderly person! Oh, I will still run a marathon or two a year. And compete at shorter distances. But no more Ultras for me. After the Dirty Thirty 50K in Black Hawk, CO. on June 1st of course. I will never stop enjoying running through the beauty of nature. This final Ultra will be an enjoyable, smell the roses run. I can't wait.

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Lalo said...

Puro pedo Hermano! Estas mejorando con edad! Si se puede!