Sunday, July 28, 2013

I am beside myself

"I am beside myself" -  Such a weird idiom. What does it mean? confused? angry? worried?
In my case it means excited. This phrase came to my mind today when thinking of what is upcoming. At the end of this week I am heading out west to the land of the Pines. California! The state with the most species of pine trees. Who knew?
But  what has me Excited is that I will be crewing and pacing at the Angeles Crest 100 mile trail run. And Pacing a very good friend. When Lalo asked me to go out with him and his wife Amanda to support him on his first hundred miler, not only was I flattered but a feeling of concern came over me. A 100 mile run is not an easy feat. My concern must be attributed to the old man in me. I am concerned about those I love. Lalo is well prepared though. So I must be too.
I will be pacing him on a trail I am not familiar with. This is not something new. I've been on many different and unfamiliar trails before. I am ready to take it on! I am excited about this adventure, running with Lalo on new trails, through the woods, in the mountains, at night! That's what has me beside myself. I am next to me, staring and thinking, " Dang! you're IN man! You are going to have a wonderful and unique experience! I can't wait to get back inside you and go for the ride."

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