Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Today a coworker asked, "hey, how are you?"
"ah, besides being nuts I'm OK." I responded.
"I know you're nuts." she said.
I said I was nuts because on my mind as she asked, was the Nueces 50 miler which is a month away. And I signed up! why? Because I love nature trails and how it makes me feel when I immerse myself in them.
Running on trails makes me feel connected to and a part of this beautiful earth.
25K may be too short. 50K is long but may leave me wanting just a little bit more. Besides, I want to prove to myself that I can still do it. Plus, my good friend Lalo tells not to let my age stand in the way.
I've said it hurts to run long distances and it may be taking it's toll on my body but I can't seem to quit running in them. It's like a drug, and I am addicted.
What may have prompted me to sign up this time was seeing some relatives at a family gathering this past weekend. Mario will be 67 yrs. old this year. He looks good! Mario has always been active playing softball well into his 50's, walking, traveling, and engaging in many carpentry projects at home. He's had health issues but has been able to manage them well with little to no medication.
Luciano on the other hand did not look as well. Younger than Mario and not as active.
I do not know details about his lifestyle now but my thoughts were, I want to be in a better condition than that in ten years. Am I vain? Maybe. Do I want to live forever? No. But I do want to feel good as long as I am alive. Will running ultras on trails extend my life? Probably not but they'll make me feel good while I am alive.
Yes, I am vain. I don't want to look old as I get old, but it's inevitable. In my mind I am still 17. I guess I can still think I look 17. Or maybe 15! Like when I was hanging out with these guys.

We got together recently after so many years of being apart. It was fun to recall our childhood antics. We had so much fun being nuts growing up together. We hope to make our group gathering larger and make it a regular happening. We are old (er) but we can still think young.
Now there is work to be done. Training! I lost over a week of training recently due to a cough and congestion. Dang that Hill Country Mountain Cedar pollen!


Jeff Farrell said...

I feel the same way you do Tony. I'm addicted and I'm not stopping because it simply satisfies me. Here's a link to my blog.


The 1491 was my 120yd high hurdle PR in '79!!

Jeff Farrell

w p said...

Bravo! Glad you're writing again.

Tony Maldonado said...

Nice Jeff. keep the enthusiasm towards trail running. That's the key

Unknown said...

Awesome! I hope to be toeing the line with you!