Monday, July 28, 2014

Running with new friends

For me, the most fun and memorable runs have been those experienced with new friends.
What makes them even better is when the run with these new friends is someplace they have not run before, AND what makes it even MORE exciting is when that place is Hill Country State Natural Area. 10 miles south of Bandera Texas HCSNA is a very Rugged, Rocky, beautiful, Rocky, Hilly, Rocky, desolate park. No water here, no shelters, no paved roads, but there are beautiful views from hilltops and many trails littered with Sotol Cactus that bite at your legs. Did I mention it was rocky? An accomplished trail runner from the Rockies who was here for a race years ago said HCSNA was the place where rocks go to die.
Last Saturday I had the privilege of showing some new friends the trails at HCSNA, or as we refer to it, Bandera.
Mari loved the scenery, enjoyed the many birds, ran well, but after the first loop had enough of the tough climbs and relentless rocks. She'll be back though.
Chris and Jeremy loved it as well but were "humbled" by the difficult technical terrain. Chris referred to it as "Delightfully Painful."
Everyone was smiling all the while. I enjoyed pointing out the trails and leading the way. This is what makes trail running with friends so much fun.
What keeps me coming back.

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