Sunday, January 4, 2015

"I'm alright now, but I tell ya, Last week I was in rough shape." - Rodney Dangerfield

 It wasn't last week but it was the last part of 2014 when I was in rough shape.
In the month of November I ran a total of 12 miles. Hiking kept me active though.
The reason I could not run was my desire to feel young! Our company 5K was held November 1 and of course I had to run and of course I told myself I would take it easy. But once the run begins and the competiveness takes hold we tend to push a little harder than sometimes we should. With half a mile to the finish at the 5K I challenge the third place "kid." He surges forward, I sprint past him, he blows me away and I pull my hamstring!
No big deal I thought. It's nothing a little rest can't take care of. But wait! I was scheduled to run a 15 miler the next day. I did run it. Well, I showed up and on a long downhill stretch at mile 5 my hamstring seized up and screamed "NO!"
No good runs for over 6 weeks after this and no Dallas marathon, AGAIN!
Trying to get back at it mid December and the darn Cedar pollen knocks me down. This did not affect me in my youth but as I have gotten older it's beating me up! Not only does it affect my sinuses now but I break out in patches of eczema due to the pollen. I've known I have allergic reactions to grasses, plants, and trees since childhood (not good for a trail runner) and it may be getting worse. Darn it's hell getting old. I'm not letting it get me down though. Saw an allergist for the first time ever and we're working on finding relief.
I'm Alright now though! Ran 6+ trail miles with friends and my niece today! Felt great on my second day of running after 2 weeks of being layed up with not so much as a short walk in the park.
I fell on a prickly Pear Cactus too! Came home and stood naked by the window as my wife pulled thorns off my butt with tweezers.
I'm Back! 2015 here I come!

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