Tuesday, July 7, 2015

I'm not small.

This past weekend I ran 16 miles with friends at Hill Country State Natural Area celebrating a buddies birthday. He was running 49K to celebrate his 49th birthday.
I tried out my new hydration vest. An UltrAspire vest that holds two 24oz bottles at an angle behind the rib cage. I love it! But it fits too big. I ordered a large -XL. I could not see ordering a small-medium. But I guess I am. For so long, between the ages of 20 to 45, I was a LARGE-XL. Now after changing my diet and running like I do I'm a medium. I haven't been a medium since High school. My North Face medium trail running shorts feel too big, but I am not a small! No matter what my wife says. Big guys will be kicking sand in my face at the beach she says.
I ran with my buddy Lalo today! My regular running partner cancelled so I thought I would run alone listening to my iPod playlist. Just before I left work I get a text from Lalo.
We caught up. I hadn't seen him for awhile but It's always like we pick up where we leave off. Running, hiking through the woods. No rush, enjoying small talk. No, It was deep talk, deep thoughts, LARGE talk. We are not small friends. Our friendship is Large!
I have made some very special friends trail running. That's Large.

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