Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Just Like Ruben

Yesterday My truck would not veer towards the trail head. My tired legs kept my arms from turning the wheel.
That was not the case today and I am glad! I fumbled with my gear getting it ready for a trail run on my home turf, Leon Creek. As I stepped out of my truck and on to the Paved trail that leads to the woods, Ruben came riding by! My good old friend Ruben! I've written about Ruben before. My friend who Challenged me years ago to ride and go further and further. We rode our road and mountain bikes on  many Texas back roads and desert trails. He is still hitting the trails on his mountain bike. Mostly the paved ones but hits the nature trails every so often. Not many 75 year old guys are able to do that but Ruben is still at it. My old pal  and I caught up. We laughed, shared stories old and new. He asked about my brother Andy who joined us on some rides way back when.. We vowed to get together soon as we parted ways. I could not help to wonder about how active I will be at 75 years of age. Can I be just like Ruben?
Running on n the trail again after my last race felt labor-some at the start but soon I eased into a comfortable pace. It was nice being on familiar trails. I contemplated upcoming races. What next?
Towards the end of my run I came around a corner and to a slight incline as another runner was about to descend. He stopped and said "come on, I need a rest." Running up to him I asked how he was doing. "Good" he said smiling, as I passed he added, "Keep at it!"
Yes, I thought. I will. Just Like Ruben.
Leon Creek, My home turf


Jeff Farrell said...

Sam V. 64, years young smoked my ass on our weekly 7 miler this morning. I guess his recovery from last Sunday's Austin Marathon is going well!!! Hope I can be like him in 9 years!!!

Tony Maldonado said...

Sammy is a tough one Jeff. Always has been, and, still at it.