Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mountain Laurels in Bloom

I slept in today and had my favorite breakfast(soft boiled eggs on toasted whole grain bread with olive oil,pepper,and salt) before hitting the trails at Leon Creek about 9:00 AM. It was a cool 60 degrees with a steady wind out of the north. perfect running conditions. The Texas Mountain Laurels were in full bloom. Bright purple flowers sprouting from the dark green leaves of this beautiful evergreen.
I am finally back! Comfortably trail running after a long layoff due to Plantar Fasciitis.I tried to stay in shape with Kettle bell workouts and Biking but it is just not the same. My legs are still getting accustomed to treading the trails and my lungs are not so strenuously pulsating anymore to provide "O" to my muscles.
Plantar Fasciitis is very frustrating. I massaged the sole of my foot and used night splints to stretch my foot back towards my shin. Nothing seemed to help until I got advice from a co-worker who is also a physical trainer. He recommended a stretch where the foot is placed against a wall at a 45 degree angle as you bring the hips in towards the wall. Then bend the knee in towards the wall. Also a stretch where the toes are the only part of the foot on the floor and the foot is pushed forward. I do this every day now. Of course, after warming up. Another thing is soaking my foot in Epsom salt. I had purchased Epsom salt months ago but never soaked in it. It works!

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