Thursday, March 12, 2009

What are friends for ?

What are friends for?
ask for help and they'll be at your door.
Liza's new home was sitting empty,
There was the task of moving the furniture from the apartment.
Her husband was off working, and concerned about how and when this would be done.
She wanted to surprise him by being moved to the new dwelling before he came home.
How can she do this all by herself?
Hey, try asking those trail running pals to give her a hand.
Three of us showed to help Liza out.
Of course we'd help, her husband lends her to us for training and races,
we'll show up with smiling faces.
Stuffing the truck was like working on a puzzle,
will me make it all fit?
"Sure" Liza said, "and I'll help, I won't sit?"
I expected her to carry small items,
But we compared her to an ant carrying much more than her weight.
Unloading at the house seemed so much easier,
and when we were done we sat and drank Beer.
Trading stories and talking about trails we've run,
and books we've read,
Stories filled about so much fun.
Sharing experiences only we can understand,
going in the woods as only we can!
What a great time is had when you make your friend happy.
I can't wait to hear the story after her husband comes home,
to find his wife has performed the task he dreaded has been done.

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