Friday, February 27, 2009

Old Friends

It’s been awhile but the old bike and I were out for a ride,
The shop owner said ”enjoy the ride, you are to please”
The road worker asked “where will you go?”
“Not too far” I said, and I’m going slow.
The road was familiar, one I knew well,
Hadn’t been on it for quite a spell.
The hills greeted my legs,
in places they had not been addressed in quite sometime.
My lungs too, were feeling the strain,
Sucking up wind, but really no pain.
Others were spinning down the road on their bikes,
Saw an old pal pedaling with friends and waved as he passed.
Riding with others, oh what a gas.
16 miles at the end of the ride and pleased I was.
The shop owner was there with one of my friends.
We chatted a bit and had a laugh.
Other friends showed for their later ride.
One was pleased with her new bike.
We visited a while and off they went,
As I was to leave I noticed another,
He looked twice before he said Hi.
It’s been awhile; I’ve changed a bit,
But the conversation was a big hit.
New and old friends, a sight to see
They bring a smile and many a grin.
The Bike and I, what a long time it’s been.

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