Sunday, June 21, 2009

A little Spring in Summer

Up before dawn on Saturday to meet for a trip up to the Hills. Coffee is hot and the conversation is great. Catching up with a friend driving in the dark on the two lane highway. We hit the Hill country State natural area trails at daybreak. Wildlife is abound. Cottontail rabbits gathering under the trees as if preparing for an event. A whitetail deer jumps into the brush. Spiders hanging on their webs await the big catch. A Bird catching a wave above a hilltop, momentarily floats in place before drifting ever so gently across the overcast sky. It seems like a spring day in the middle of a very hot summer. It will be short lived though. The heat will return in the afternoon. But for now we enjoy the cool misty breezes along the hill tops. We make it to the first big climb, Sky Island. For a moment we enjoy the pretty view of the scenic Texas hill country. Ever greens everywhere. Mountain Laurels, Cedar trees, Live Oaks, Prickly Pear and Sotol Cactus. Coming off of the next climbs over Boyle's bump and Cairns, Chris called to say he overslept and was on his way. We took a short cut back to the car. On the dirt road we picked up the pace to sub 7 min. miles! Not a common practice. After meeting Chris we decided to run the Flat portion of the park. Soft single track dirt trails. No hills here, so no excuse to walk. Have to keep running. It came to an end too soon, but it was great conversation, and a great 17 mile run sprinkled with friendly laughter, and an admiration of nature.

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