Monday, July 13, 2009

Running Barefoot! Well, in Five Fingers.

I now have run twice in my Vibram Five Fingers. And I love them. When I ran Mt Disappointment in 2007, I ran along side Barefoot Ted and was in awe of him running barefoot. Hanging off his hydration pack were these weird looking slippers with individual toes! At the time I had never seen them. Domingo, a friend of mine wore his to a recent trail run and I thought they were interesting and considered trying them. But it was not until I read "Born to run" that I decided to buy a pair. As soon as the UPS truck drove up with my package I opened it up, put them on, and went out for a 3+ mile run at OP Schnabel park. They felt surprisingly comfortable On the soft dirt trails. As I hit the rocky portions I had to walk when the rocks were loose but was able to resume running on larger stationary rocks. Yes my feet were a little sore after the run, and the next day, but not bad at all! Today I headed out to a nearby High school track and warmed up with half a mile, then I ran 6-100 yd sprints on the grass. Boy that felt good. Just like a kid again. Running barefoot.

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