Wednesday, August 12, 2009


It's been SOOOO long since we've had any rain in south Texas. On top of 45 consecutive days of 100+ degree days, we haven't had any substantial rain all year.
Today as I left work I dreaded running in the 100 degree afternoon again. Should I just go to the the gym and hit the elliptical trainer? As I arrived home I felt a cool breeze and off to the west I saw dark clouds! Wow, is rain on it's way? Thunder and lighting off in the distance was exciting! I checked the radar and noticed most of the rain was developing south of my house and moving away, with more moving in from the north, but a big void right over my running route. Aw shucks, no rain for us. Well the cool breeze was pleasing and summoned me to RUN in the creek trails. I wore my gore tex running shoes just in case and wore my iPOD. It felt so nice running under a cloudy sky and a cool breeze. 3 miles into my 6 miler small raindrops were falling on the dry parched dirt trail. Drops of rain were causing subtle puffs of dirt to rise from the dry powder like trail. With more thunder and lighting around I decided to put my iPOD in my camelback pocket. I had read a report where the iPOD acts as a lighting rod and people have been burned in thunder storms while wearing an iPOD. The rain became heavier and I was enjoying every minute. In most of my runs during this summers HOT dry weather I would stop 2 to 3 times on a 6 miler to rest. On this run I did not stop once. As the rain got more intense it felt even better. One block from home. I took off my hat and walked with my face facing the sky. Raindrops hitting my face, I wiped the water off with my hand. Arriving at home I stood on my drive way enjoying the rain as it continued to hit my face. RAIN, So good, so good.

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