Sunday, August 9, 2009


I was once asked what I like better, Riding my bike or running. I said running because I just put on some shorts, shoes, and head on out the door. As opposed to biking where I have to load up the bike, drive to a safe location, air up the tires, don all the special gear, ride and then reverse the scenario to drive back home.
I was out for a 45 miler on the road bike today. Sure, It's a great form of cross training. But sometimes I feel like I am missing out on a great trail run. Once I am out on the road though it is such an exhilarating feeling. There is nothing like reaching a steady cadence of 100 revolutions per minute! Spinning the legs and feeling the wind in your face.
I headed out on a training ride in preparation for the up coming MS 150 bike to the river with some friends. A group of 7 of us headed out from Helotes Tx. to Rio Hondo for a great ride on roads following the "Texas hill country trail".
We came upon a team time trial competition on Hwy 471. Those guys were Moving!
At the 30 mile point we stopped at a convenience store and soon a group of about 50 riders came in.
After re-fueling we were off to tackle the toughest part of our ride. A 7 mile stretch of steep rolling hills. Once we crested the last hill we thought it would be clear sailing for the last 8 miles to the finish until we hit a strong head wind!
Zack, The "KID", blew us away as he steadily faded off into the distance.
Josh, Tim, and I formed a pace line to the end.
What a rush! Spinning at 20+mph, inches behind your buddy's wheel in a pace line.

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