Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bring it on skeeter punks

Oh the price we pay for rain. The recent frequent rains have been welcomed by all after the dry, very hot summer we experienced here in south Texas. What is not so welcomed is the return of the mosquitoes. A week ago, as I walked with my dog Penny through tall grass in the nearby creek I was attacked viciously by those nasty blood suckers. They were all over me! Stinging little turds! I ran out of there and headed home with welts all over my legs and arms. I rubbed down with alcohol and soon felt better.
I am not a fan of applying chemicals on my body, but needed to find something that will help against these nasty blood suckers. I searched and found "Badger" anti bug balm. It is made from all natural ingredients. After ordering it I patiently waited for it to arrive and stayed clear of the tall grassy areas. Although the skeeters found me on the upper levels of the creek too.
I was happy but surprised when my package arrived. 6 bucks for a .75oz tin of bug balm! I guess I hadn't realized how small an amount that is. Oh well, I readied for a run and spread a very light coating of the balm on my face, neck, arms, and legs. I soon found out a little goes a long way. The balm has a pleasant smell and is not at all uncomfortable or irritating.
What better place to try this stuff out than the tall grass in the lower levels of French creek, Where I was so viciously attacked a week ago. As I reached this area I saw the skeeters all around me. They tried but would not land. One brave one did land if only for a short time as it soon fell off! This stuff works! I had a pleasant run with maybe one more determined skeeter landing on my arm for a second. Keep in mind, this is a creek, with plenty of standing water. A perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes.
To add to my pleasant run, a mountain biker came to a complete stop as he saw me approaching. "Come on by" he said. "I am supposed to yield to you, Not everyone knows that" he said. "You are right" I resonded. THANKS!
As I headed home on this short 5 miler, the perspiration dripping from my body on this humid day made me wonder if the balm would hold up and keep it's potency. Arriving home I stretched on my front porch as perspiration dripped from all over my body. One sole speeder skeeter hovered over me trying to find a place to land. Here, No here, oh, there, no Here. It could not find a place to land. This stuff works!
As the Badger anti bug balm says "go ahead bug punks, make my day"
And the best part, "Good for the skin, bad for the bug".

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