Saturday, March 20, 2010


Chris was to lead a leisurely 15 mile run at Bandera today. At mile 12, Larry asked Chris what exactly is HIS definition of "leisurely." Driving out to Bandera before dawn this morning we drove straight into the cold front. Although Chris was NOT driving straight.Visibility was down to about 50 ft. on Hwy 16 as the rain was coming down in sheets, and at one point Chris was driving down the center of the road! We arrived safely at Hill Country State Natural area about 7 AM and the front had passed. It was very windy and cold as we started up Boyle's bump, and Over Cairn's. Before descending Cairn's, we paused and admired what was probably the last blustery winter view of the Texas Hill Country for this season. Chris didn't see it, he was moving at a good clip, and soon we followed. On the hill tops the wind was blowing so hard, It literally blew the snot off Liza's nose! We back tracked and went up Sky Island, up Mount FUJI, the Three sisters and back on trail 6. It did not rain on us, but the trails were wet and muddy. Initially we attempted to go around the puddles and the mud. After about a mile we thought, what the heck, we're going to get wet anyway. It was an outstanding 15+ mile cool, fun in the mud run.

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