Saturday, April 24, 2010

Having been There

Friday I went up to the Texas Hill country with some buddies to help install an entrance gate at one of our friends hunting ranch. Driving up with Ronnie, the owner of the ranch, we spoke of Life experiences, and childhood. Also the Illnesses that besiege us, and those we love. And the reality of dealing with these conditions. Ronnie's wife, Anna, was a competitive runner while in High School and college in North Western New Mexico. Enjoying a successful amateur career, She continued running and ran many marathons including New York. A few years ago Anna was suffering from a very serious illness. She under went many invasive treatments, hospital stays, and endured a period when she was on artificial life support. Anna pulled through with the help of her husband Ronnie, family, friends, and a positive attitude. The Doctors advised her to give up distance running. As we runners know, this is not what we want to hear. The desire, pleasure,and thrill of running is a sensation we don't want to let go. We dream of the next big race, the next thrill of the marathon and the next experience of the run that will take us to a place we have not been, and the next one after that. Ronnie put it in perspective when he said,
"Be thankful for having the opportunity to having been There. To running the races you did. For being able to experience what others dream of." "God allowed you to experience what you enjoyed and loved, If only for a short time, it was a great time."
If you haven't been there, its never too late. Another old friend just ran her first marathon at age 50! She did well and looked great at the finish according to her husband.
Go after it, if you haven't already. And treasure the times you've been there, because you don't know when it may end.

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