Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The foot and The Knee

Lately my foot has been hurting. It's PF. It has been feeling much better though, after reducing my mileage. But it's time to ramp it up. Sunday morning I hit the trails in Leon Creek. The trails here are so convenient,one mile mile down the road from home and I am there. My thoughts were on my friends who had run the previous night at Inks Lake. And on my running form. I read "Chi running" last year and tried changing my form to what is described in the book. I now think this may have contributed to some of my aches. I have come to the conclusion that we are all different and need to run how it is most comfortable for us. Running comfortable? Yes, it can be done. Go with YOUR flow!
Near the end of my run I saw a deer through the trees. It saw me and froze! I stooped slowly to pick up a rock as the deer stared at me. My intention was not to hurt the animal, but to see what happens. I hurled the rock high in the air over the trees towards the deer. The rock landed behind the animal and surprised it. It turned it's head to look at the rock then it turned back towards me. Again I hurled another rock high over the trees. It landed closer. The animal turned and curiously checked it out. I did this several times and the deer repeated it's actions but did not flee. I continued running and thought how we've encroached on their domain and how they now are becoming passive towards humans. Only leading to their demise.
Yesterday I again ran on the road prior to the 5 PM boot-camp workout with my co-workers. The weather was perfect. Wind and Rain all around but not on me. I ran further than usual but only 4 miles, enjoying the narrow streets and neat small wood framed homes. At the end of my run in San Pedro Park, I did 10 jumps on to a picnic table. Plyometrics!
Today, My right knee was aching. Just a little, but aching nun the less. I've been here before. Knee soreness after road runs. I am reminded not to run on the road. This happens ONLY when I road run. I guess now I'll have to return to running around in circles at San Pedro park again.

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