Sunday, July 18, 2010

Cousin Alvin

I met two old friends along with a new friend today at Government Canyon State Natural Area. Four old guys hitting the trails at 7 A.M. Age is relative I know, but how many 50+ year olds do you know who wake up early on weekends to traverse rugged, hilly trails? Jerry, our new friend may not be quite fifty, but he’s not too far off I suspect. We ran 11 miles, and then Jerry and Larry tacked on 5 more. It’s great to meet new people who love trail running like we do and to show them around “our neck of the woods.”
My brother was in town yesterday to take photographs of head stones and grave markers of family members who have passed on for our ancestry website. My brother and I spoke of deceased members of our family, and our death that will come some day. “Not many people I can speak to about this.” He said. We visited a couple of cemeteries, then arrived at our private family cemetery on San Antonio’s South-side, where we met cousin Alvino (aka Alvin). Cousin Alvin is 85 years old. He had delivered pastries to another 80-year-old cousin and couldn’t stay too long. He had to go help serve coffee at the senior center where he volunteers! We took photos of headstones and markers of our parents, grandparents, and great grandparents. Also of numerous cousins and Great Aunts and Uncles. Cousin Alvin has his marker already in place. “Heck, I know I’m going sometime, may as well be ready.” He said. But Cousin Alvin is still full of life. He’s not ready to go yet. He wakes up everyday ready too help his younger friend who does odd jobs. Alvin just hangs out helping his friend. And, to my surprise, Alvin has been keeping up with the Tour de France. He knew the standings, and times! “ Andy Schleck is still ahead! But Contador is right behind him by just a few seconds.“ He said.
Keep active, stay informed, and keep up with the times. That is living and keeps us vibrant.
Cousin Alvin has a cell phone too! But he refuses to text.

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