Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cigarettes and Beer

I headed out to Friedrich Park today. Many in the group sent notice they wouldn't be there today. No one definitely confirmed. I arrived 5 minutes after our usual 5:30 PM start to find John's truck there but no sign of John. As I hurried to get my things together and hit the trail in search of John, I noticed two hiker dudes getting their fully loaded framed backpacks on. Cool! They must be training for some big hike. Then I caught a scent of cigarette smoke. One of the guys was smoking! Then the other placed his beer on the car as he pulled the straps tight on his backpack! ????
I headed out quickly on the trail in search of John. "Oh heck" I thought. I should have brought my iPod. Naw, Its better I didn't. Enjoying the sounds of nature was more soothing. The cicadas are still around, and I must say there are more than in previous years, and they have been hanging around for a bit longer than usual. Must be the good rains we had this year. I started my run in the usual lower level loop, then at the top of the hill I diverted from our usual route in hope of finding John. Going in a counter clockwise direction at the top of the hill, I LOST MY WAY! I tease John at every opportunity about how he gets lost in this park. Friedrich Park has only about 5 miles of trails. There are twisting, winding, climbing switchbacks that intersect each other, but only five miles. I guess I've run this park in only one direction. Running it differently, I found out today, its a totally different experience. Making it back to the parking lot, I saw John. "John!" I exclaimed, "I am glad I found you! I worried you were lost!" Then I told him the truth.
He told me about the hikers taking a break half way up the hill sitting down sucking wind. We had a laugh when I told him what I saw at the start.

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