Tuesday, July 13, 2010

San Pedro Park 1709

Waiting for a meeting to begin this morning, I was Staring out the window from my office building at the nations second oldest park. San Pedro Park at the corner of Flores and Myrtle in San Antonio. I recalled how as a child I rode my bicycle 6 miles to this park from home with friends. This of course, was unknown to my parents. They thought I was just down the street. In those days, the 60's, San Antonio was much smaller and the nation in general seemed a safer place. The park has bridges over green grass now. I wondered if recent arrivals to San Antonio may be puzzled by this. But I remember water under those small stone bridges. There were many small streams throughout this park. My friends and I spent hours on end on Saturday afternoons catching and releasing tadpoles and crawdads. The main spring still flows as does a smaller one. The park is not what it used to be but is still beautiful with its large Cypress and Oak trees. After work I changed into my running clothes and went for a 30 minute park and road run. I ran through the park, under oddly shaped Live Oaks and circled the public swimming hole. The swimming pool now is just a wading pool with the deepest end at 4 feet. It was teaming with children and adults of all ages. This is the sight of the last time I went off a diving board. I was about 10 years old. Running off the board into the then 9 foot deep end I hit the water belly first! The impact drew out all the air in my body. I sank slowly deeeper and deeper. I thought I was going to drown, The lifeguard must have been busy as no one came to my aid. I just did make it up gasping for air. Quickly I got out of the pool, went home and did not ever go off a diving board again.
Running in an S shape through the park I exited on the north end and ran on the road for about ten blocks on rolling hills through a neighborhood of pretty wood framed homes dating back to about the 30's, with porches, mature trees, and fine trimmed lawns. I felt good and moving fast! I found out why as I turn to return back to the park. A stiff wind confronted me. This was good though as it cooled me down on this unseasonably 90 degree day. Very unusual for South Texas in July. Arriving back at my place of employment I joined some co-workers for our weekly boot camp workout. Fun team building, laughing and sweating with healthy conscious people. Today was a good day.

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Jeff Farrell said...

My Grandparents courted in that park in San Pedro Park in the mid 30's. Also....my Grandad drove one of the last horse drawn milk wagons in San Antonio. When he moved to San Antonio in 1936 Hildebrand was far northside SA!!