Sunday, July 11, 2010


Foot was feeling better today. Taking the day off of running yesterday helped. Yesterday was not completely a day off as I was on my spinning bike for an hour in the garage listening to B.B.King. Blues that never gets old.
Today at Government Canyon we were a group of five. Dave, a speedy runner joined us as we set out on a muggy yet not too hot morning. Two in our group had run five miles prior to our 7 AM start in the park. Tom was feeling the effects of not only the 5 early miles but also the previous day's water skiing. The group soon broke up as we climbed up the Far Reaches trail. This is a gradual ascent with one or two scenic lookout points. Tom and I fell back into our own easy pace. The recent rains made for a somewhat slippery trek. I found out my new low profile New Balance shoes are not made for the big rocks at Government canyon. I had planned to run maybe 6-7 miles. I would run 10+ today before it was over. Again to my surprise I felt better than expected. Bounding up and over rocks,dodging spider webs, tree branches and bushes, sweating profusely, listening to and controlling one's breath, and feeling the beat of your heart as it pumps energy throughout your body is a joy only a trail runner can relish. Tom and I would exchange thoughts as we slowed the pace and then we were off again, speaking to each other in our movements up the trail.
We rejoined the rest of the group 3 miles from our ending point. Or so I thought. At our vehicles all but me continued on for a little more fun. They took off into the woods. We'll do it again. This also never gets old.

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