Wednesday, September 8, 2010


My PF has not improved and I am now relegated to the bicycle. I have not run for over two weeks. My fault. I ran too far too soon after my surgery and dismissed the "signs". Impatience has always been a fault of mine. Always!
The pain has grown from nagging, to painful at times and is affecting other parts of my left leg. I now have developed a "knot" on the right side of my left heel. People notice I am limping a bit, more than I do. Self treatment and visits to a massage therapist has not helped, so now I finally have made an appointment to see an orthopedic Dr. Next Monday I'll tell him my sob story.
I love riding my bike on the roads in the nearby Hill Country. But I miss running the trails alone, and with friends. I can get lost emotionally, and spiritually running the trails alone. And I can have fun following, chasing, and teasing friends on the trails.
The bicycle demands more attention. Attention to pot holes, animals crossing the roads (saw a beautiful Buck and a handsome roadrunner cross the road ahead of me two days ago), Also, motorists who may be on the phone or texting need to be paid attention to!. I now try to ride with a bright blinking light on my jersey rear pocket at all times. But it's very enjoyable riding in the early morning with a friend, or friends, in the Hill country with it's beautiful panoramic views from the hill tops, and spinning or pumping up these hills and receiving your reward on the other side, a fast downhill ride!