Sunday, October 17, 2010


Don't know whether it's the cool weather, or my recent change to eating vegan, but I have been feeling really good on my latest workouts and runs. The foot is still not one hundred percent, but it seems to be getting better. At Thursday's club run I ran one loop on the outer trails at Eisenhower park. I ran alone because I was late. Not wanting to be late to meet my friends in the parking lot before we headed to Freetail brewery, I ran at a quick pace. To my surprise, I did not slow down and only walked once near the top of one steep climb. At one point two young ladies moved out of my way, then suddenly one of them tried moving back across the trail and I ran into her. No harm done. We both laughed. This morning I almost put on a pair of gloves to run. The air was cool and crisp. I left the house with only my iPod. No water, no gel, no phone, nada, thinking I wouldn't run long. I ran to Leon Creek and it's a good thing I did not have water or I'd keep running past the three mile point where I turned around to head back. I still need to take it easy on the foot. Don't want to push too hard too soon (always my problem).
Since changing to a vegan diet my body seems to have more energy. As I understand from reading Branden Brazier's book "The Thrive diet", feed your body nutrient rich, real, unprocessed, and preferably raw food, and it will spend less energy digesting the food and thus, there is more energy for other things. Also, I seem to feel hydrated longer and don't get hungry as often. I've also decided to try and go Gluten free. This is a little tougher, But I've cut out about 90 percent of Gluten containing food. Some of that remaining 10 percent is in the beer :-)
Oh, and the Birkenstocks? Yes, They are great. And get better the more you walk in them. I bought another pair! A slip-on pair for wearing in the house.

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