Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A taste of O.P. Schnabel Park Today

On "Biker's Whine." Winding dirt trail. Across a small creek bed. Thick brush, twisting turning, some rocks. Low branches, sounds in the trees. Or was it in the brush? Short up and downs along a little hillside, shady and weaving around trees. Taking the longer way around, not the shortcuts cut out by the mountain bikers.
Next, "Cedar loop trail". Round and round we go through thick low cedar trees. Through the Bamboo chute, popping back out to circle the cedars. Cross the road to a trail yet to be named. Down to the lower level of the big main Leon Creek bed. Over washed out trails laden with softball sized rocks. Back on smooth dirt trails. SNAKE! It slithers away. Pause to see a young healthy 4 point Buck hiding in the brush. He turns and runs. Climb the steep cliff! "Don't slip! Grab onto that tree root and pull yourself up!" Catch our breath at the top and back onto the soft dirt trail down to the starting point. 4 1/4 miles filled with conversation with nature and John.
Thanks for calling Bud. Wonderful run.

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