Sunday, October 24, 2010


Out for a 6 miler at Government Canyon this morning.
Met with John who was running 12, but I am still building up my mileage. It's been a long time since I've been at GC, The brush is thick and overgrown onto the trails. I loved it. I mentioned to J, "just once! I'd like to get a glimpse of Snagglepuss" The elusive mountain Lion that roams Government Canyon. Not one mile later I saw a creature about the size of a domesticated cat dart out of the brush and quickly back in! I definitely saw a ring around it's tail. I got My wish! Although it was a smaller version. Probably a Bobcat.
At the crossroads with the main trail, J and I parted ways. I didn't want to go back down the boring main trail, so I ran over to a more interesting trail to take back to my truck. All the while I thought I heard something rustling in the brush next to me. Aw, It's just my imagination, I thought. It reminded me of running my 100 miler. People asked me if I hallucinated, as many do on hundred mile runs. Chris, who ran the 100 miler with me was disappointed that he did not hallucinate during the night portion of the race. I did see things that were not there. And I brushed it off to the shadows from my light against the bushes and the fact that I was tired. Or just like when you see images in the clouds across the sky. Geez! I should have gone with the hallucination and ridden the wave!
I ran into Orlando and friends on my way down to my truck. We chatted a while, I told him my story and and he whispered he had something up his sleeve as far as scaring his wife E and her friend. If you know E, You'll know it's OK. She's a good sport. And loves to laugh when teased.
9+ glorious miles on the trails when I was done.
I then attended a mass for a friend of mine who was killed 15 years ago while riding his bicycle on the road. I met with his family. His children, all grown up, with children of their own.
Be safe out there all. Running, riding, or driving on the road.

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