Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Buck that got away. Or did I?

The cool weather this morning brought out the deer in Leon creek. I was day dreaming, thinking about my friends who were at the Cactus Rose 50 and 100 miler. Meandering through a heavily wooded portion of the creek. Then all of a sudden, up the trail, I saw something coming around the bend. It was a tall, young, 6 point buck. It froze. And so did I. He didn't move! I raised my hands up in the air. It raised it's head as if to say "What ya got?" Wow! He wouldn't budge. I reached for my camera phone while thinking, This guy is confronting me. Then he jerked and started to walk off the trail just as a mountain biker came up behind me. We both watched as the buck disappeared through the woods. I told the biker about what I just experienced. "They're aggressive right now" the mountain biker said. "They're after doe." I continued running and thought, What if the biker hadn't come along? Ah, I could have taken that deer. Thank God I didn't have to. And yes, the doe were everywhere.

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