Saturday, November 6, 2010

I fall down go, BOOM!

As much as trail running is therapeutic and enjoyable with it's views of nature and wildlife, you must not forget to lift your feet!
L and I started our run this very cold morning at Government Canyon State Natural Area. It was 37 degrees! Very cold for us South Texans. We whined and complained. It's too cold! Give me hot weather any day. Oh well, we'd complain about that too. L was scheduled to run 30 miles today as part of her training for the North Face 50 miler in Northern California next month. Me? I was only running 10 today. I was leading and trying to keep a good pace so as to not hinder L's training. I commented to L that I may be running too slow. To my surprise she said I was not running slow. And that I should feel guilty for making her work too hard. Then I found out she ran hill repeats at Friedrich park the day before. "Cool" I thought, I can ease up. We hiked the steep hills and I was feeling pretty good. The conversation was great as we cruised along. Just as I thought to myself, "I am feeling good about my Marathon next week. I feel really relaxed running these trails" I relaxed too much going into the last 2 miles on a descent when, "Thump" I tripped on a rock with my left foot and started to go down. In a second, or less, so many thoughts went through my mind, "I am falling, I can regain my footing, no I can't, I'm going down, Face first, no time to tuck and roll, hands out. Them BAMM! I hit the rocks,dirt,and brush. No soft place to fall at Government Canyon. Then, as I lay there, my thoughts turned to, I am running a marathon next week, please don't let this prevent me from doing that. And, Did I rip my favorite Florence Marathon Souvenir running pants? Then I said to L, while still on the ground, I'm OK, just give me a minute. I was hurting. The left side of my chest landed hard on a rock the size of a brick. My left knee was throbbing. Gotta get up I thought. I did, slowly. It was good to have a friend there to offer comfort. Walking slowly we soon began running again. My 10 miles done, L shed a layer and took off into the woods again. After I cooled down I noticed a scrape on my left wrist and weakness in my right wrist. No time to rest though. Tree trimming awaits me at home. How will I feel in the morning? we'll see.

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